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Life is a Taboret, My Friend...

The unwrapping of my taboret was the last step I needed to call getting the studio ready for drawing "done" -- tomorrow night, I begin penciling next week's Suburban Jungle. I will probably do a little bit more arranging of the studio area tonight as my energy comes back, but right now I'm pooped.

Still, compared to what this place looked like Sunday night, we've made incredible progress. I expect that by this time next week, the place will be more-or-less in "normal working order" -- and by this time next month, it'll be like we've always lived here.

The dining room table not coming last week was annoying, but it's also something of a blessing in disguise as we've been using the dining room as a "Hold this!" space almost constantly. That said, I hope it doesn't take too long for it to come, I want to start gaming in there!

We need to turn some serious attention to the living room, too -- particularly if we're liable to have visitors Friday night.

-The Gneech
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