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Or As John Cleese Would Say, "Wot About My Bloody Parrot?"

In re: this post from Tuesday, Magnificent Egos responded to me today!

Well, our website is not updating and it's been a couple of months since we put out new releases. Never fear!

13 new Uncommon Characters, 2 new boxed sets, Kobolds Ate My Baby and Legends of The Five Rings are all on their way.

In the meantime check out our MySpace page:

Or for news.

You can still order from our site.

Ego out!

Um, thanks. I didn't need a friggin' advertisement. I needed a refund. So I sent them back this:

That's fine and I'm glad to hear it -- but I'd really rather have my
previous order resolved! :)

-The Gneech

I thought about putting "PS: What about my bloody parrot?" at the end, but decided against it.

Anyway, I have some customer service people at Paizo looking into this now. Hopefully they'll get somewhere.

-The Gneech
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