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Paizo FTW!

Well, the Magnificent Egos drama has come to a strange resolution, but I'll take it.

Last Thursday night, borrowing some of mammallamadevil's net-fu, I got a variety of e-mail addresses associated with the Magnificent Egos website and copied them all onto an e-mail in which I detailed what had been going on and threatened to sick Paypal's "Dispute Resolution" department on them if I didn't get an answer and a phone number for a real person by Monday morning. I also copied the Paizo customer service people on the message, mentioning that they had been trying without success to resolve this problem as well, mostly to keep Paizo in the loop.

As expected, throwing the weight of a financial institution (even if it's just Paypal) at them got their attention. Friday morning I got an e-mail from somebody called "The Pirate King", who seems to be the muckety-muck of Magnificent Egos, saying that my order shipped out ages ago but that they'd send me another one, all I had to do was call "Anne" at a given phone number.

So, Friday afternoon, I called Anne and got a voicemail box. I left a voicemail explaining my situation, leaving my number, and asking her to call me back. She didn't, of course.

Friday night, I got an e-mail from Jeff Alvarez at Paizo, telling me that he had been completely unable to get a response out of anyone at Magnificent Egos, so they had sent out a replacement shipment of the missing figures from Paizo's own stock, except for one figure they didn't carry, for which he gave me Paizo store credit.

That, I must admit, really impressed me. All I was hoping for from Paizo was contact info (as Magnificent Egos refers to themselves as being "partnered" with Paizo) -- I certainly wasn't expecting them to shell over a $45 order of miniatures that they didn't get paid for. I thanked him profusely, and naturally have gone to the Paizo site to spend the store credit and then some to try to make sure they get at least something out of the deal. (Of course, I'm already paying them for annual subscriptions of Dungeon and Dragon and PDF downloads of OOP D&D stuff ... but I figure they still deserve something!) As you can probably guess, I didn't buy any more Magnificent Egos stuff.

By the way ... Tuesday morning, and no call from Anne at Magnificent Egos, nor followup from The Pirate King. Nor do I expect any. Like, ever.

So yeah. Magnificent Egos can bite me. But Paizo rules!

-The Gneech
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