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Massive Multiplayer Offline

Earlier this month I was so jonesin' for a game that I overcame my well-advertised hatred of MMO's and pre-ordered "Lord of the Rings Online" because that would let me into the open beta.

Of course, the open beta didn't start until today.

And now that it's started, it won't let me in.

Pfui. Probably the servers are being slammed by all the other people who preordered it.

I have read on user reviews of the closed beta, that there's already a ton of elvish archers running around -- the community parlance refers to it as "Legolas syndrome". To which I'm like, "Well duh, what's the point of running around in the definitive elf-heavy high fantasy setting, if you're not going to play an elf?" That's like the people on the Conan MMO boards complaining that there are too many Cimmerian barbarians running around.

Oh well, I will freely admit that whenever they let me on, I'm likely to be part of the problem. Although I might change up and play a Haldir-esque warrior, rather than a Legolas-esque archer, just to be different.

-The Gneech

PS: Looks like it's Cherry Blossom Festival day for us, as tomorrow will be cloudy and Sunday will be raining. Good thing we have the day off!
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