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Anywhere Except Where You Want to Go

As advertised, we went to the cherry blossom festival yesterday. Lovely sunny day in the mid-sixties, blooms are at or near peak, it couldn't have been nicer. We stopped in at the Air & Space Museum for lunch and got a few snaps of Spaceship One ... there was a party of Japanese women in yukattas -- you've never been shoved 'til you've been shoved by a little old Japanese woman in a yukatta. ¬.¬

The only problem was trying to get anywhere by car. Washington D.C. roads are designed specifically to take you "anywhere but where you want to go." Driving down to the tidal basin, we followed the signs that were supposed to take us to Haine's Point Park so we could ditch the car -- and instead were forced across the river and onto the GW Parkway.

Nothing makes life easy like roadsigns that say "That was your turn you just missed, suckers!" -.-

So after we found an official u-turn spot and eventually got back into DC via the Key Bridge (apparently this is a common occurrence), we had our day among the blossoms ... only half an hour after we expected to be there. Then it came time to go home -- we figured, "Hey, since it's so easy to get onto the GW Parkway when you don't want to, let's go home that way."

Ha. Hahahahaha.

The roads changed. Suddenly, there was no way to get to the GW Parkway, and although we did see signs for I-66 west, those signs pointed to three exits without indicating which one was the right one. We picked one, only to discover that it did not go to I-66 west. Once we were committed to it, we could see the one that did go to I-66 west, three lanes off to the right where we couldn't get to it, and I'm pretty sure the signs were snickering.

Instead we got shunted off under the seamy underbelly of the Kennedy Center and sent way off into the wilds of Georgetown.

Georgetown. The infinite, never-ending, labyrinthine Georgetown.

In our attempts to escape this Yuppie Hell, we found all kinds of beautiful, hidden, OMG expensive neighborhoods in NW, where the various members of the Illuminati do their plotting for world domination, which was nice, but still not the "going home" we were trying to do. We eventually found a sign that pointed to the Key Bridge -- Hooray, we're saved! -- except of course it was a right turn and we were in a "straight through only" lane that took us down to a riverfront sort of open-air mall thing. Again, very pretty and if it had been different circumstances I would have been tempted to park and have dinner. But we wanted to go HOME!

So a bit of "going around your elbow to get to your thumb"-ing later, we managed to get around the block and back to the intersection that pointed to the Key Bridge, get across the Key Bridge, and on to the GW Parkway, headed for home!

Then we had the adventure with "bitchy woman in a Mercedes," but I won't go into that here. Suffice to say, we got home, ordered some dinner for delivery, and then had to wait an hour and a half for it to arrive. -.-

What a night.

I also finally managed to play some "Lord of the Rings Online," which I'll talk about later. So far, it's "World of Warcraft" with a LotR skin. This is not a good thing.

-The Gneech
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