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Well, I still have my problems with LOTRO, which have much more to do with the nature of MMOs than they do with this specific game. The class system sucks right down to the riverbed, I'll say that much.

On the other hand, the game does have some nice parts:

Galadhalion rests after a long day.
Galadhalion resting in his adopted hometown of Celondim, upon returning from a trip to the Shire.

(Click for a larger version if you wish.)

I've gotta say, those Shire-folk are really into their online RP. They would do quests if it suited them, but most of the time they were too busy hanging out and being hobbity at each other (their crafting professions are all either Cook or Farmer, and the virtual dawn of the game prompted many in-game cries of "What's for breakfast???") to muck around with fighting monsters.

The neatest thing about the game, actually, is the music system. My character has picked up a lute and I've been teaching myself to play it with some difficulty. I can pick out "In Dreams" (the song over the end credits of Fellowship of the Ring ... you'd know it if you heard it) as single notes, not very well but at least recognizably. I haven't done a whole lot with chords tho ... that will take considerably more time and I'd probably be better off learning to play a real instrument.

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