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She BLINDED Me, With ... Uh ... BLINDS!

Today was "hang the studio blinds" day! Until now, we've had these gauzy sort-of Granny Curtains up over the studio window, which is what was in place when we moved in, but it was always our intention to replace them. Back in early March we ordered some custom wooden blinds in a sort of chestnut color, with the strips that raise and lower them (I forget the term) being 1" dark crimson cloth, to go with the studio rug.

It definitely changes the character of the room, for the better. It's a little darker now, but the brown-and-red adds a much-needed splash of color and gives the window some definition. (Everything is white or "blonde wood" here, which is pretty but bland and way too sterile.) Sometime I plan to replace the white curtains on either side of the window with some kind of warm beige, which will help even more. But there are more urgent things to deal with before then.

We're gettin' there. :) Dining room table comes Friday!

-The Gneech
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