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For those of you who haven't been following laurie_robey's LJ, we have acquired a houseguest in the form of a white floofball of a cat, whom we dubbed "Buddha" early on because of the way he sits and contemplates the universe.

Buddha seems to be pretty old and over the month we've lived in the place and seen him come around his health has been in a dramatic decline, so we trapped him last night and will be taking him to a vet sometime today.

This is no feral cat; this is somebody's once-pampered lapcat who's fallen on hard times. But he's been remarkably resilient for all that. Hopefully the worst is over now ... I'm sure the indignity of having to spend the night in the trap sitting on mashed food has been quite a trauma for him. He's still remarkably placid, or possibly just completely submissive, it's hard to tell. He's definitely been skittish up to now, but it may be that at this stage he's just sorta resigned to his fate. So we're going to do what we can to make sure that fate is a pleasant one. At least we're going to get him some badly-needed medical attention.

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