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The Enlightened One Sulks

Buddha is quite definitely sulking. We cleaned out the trap as best we could (considering it has something like 25 lbs of "Ain't Gonna Move" cat in it) and laid fresh newspaper down for him. To do it, we had to open one end of the cage, pull the funky paper out of it, then open the other end and (with rubber gloves on) shove him bodily to the other end to get the rest of the funky paper and remaining mashed food/bait out. The instructions for the cage recommended turning it up on its end, which would certainly force him to move, but we didn't want to subject him to that. He's had a hard month.

We'd brought him in over night, since the garage was going to be pretty cold, but we put him back out there for today, since plumbers and furniture delivery would be yet more Scary Noisy Big People Things that he doesn't need to deal with.

In my few moments of communing with him, I get the impression that he does know that we're working for his benefit and is trying to be as close to gracious as he can be about it, but it stings his pride to be manhandled this way. When we put the separator bars into the cage to confine him to one end or the other, he gives us these sidelong looks that say, "And just what do you think I'm going to do? Honestly. You're huge, and I'm declawed[1]. Don't add insult to injury!"

I haven't handled him directly, but I can feel my allergies reacting to his presence. It's not bad, it's just the occasional random itch of a particular variety that only comes when I'm around animals, but it's definitely there.

Anyway, he's back in the cage and out in the garage for now, and we've got the windows open to air out the place a bit (he's somewhat whiffy). More bulletins as events warrant.

-The Gneech

[1] Note: We don't actually know that he's declawed; for that matter, we don't actually know that he's a "he". But we haven't seen any claws, and he's definitely cowed by other cats. If the "pampered lapcat" theory is true, being declawed would certainly be in line with that.
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