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The Enlightened One is Pissy

...but at least he's still alive.

We took Buddha to the vet. The official stats are that he is an un-neutered male cat who still has his claws. His skin condition is just an allergic reaction to fleas and ticks. His eye is a simple infection that can be treated with antibiotics, and he also has an upper respiratory infection that gets the same treatment.

Unfortunately, he also tested positive for feline HIV. The vet's advice was to have him put down.

laurie_robey and I weighed the options and called the various other interested parties; one of them, our realtor, has friends who have a Himalayan Rescue Group (of all the specific things), who specifically asked us not to have him put down because they were convinced Buddha could be housed.

So anyway, he's in the garage with food, bedding, and a litterbox. He's quite vocal now and not happy; he's hissed at us twice today. But considering how he was poked, prodded, and yanked around at the vet, I'm not very surprised.

There are antibiotics in the food and "cat comfort pheremone" spray around the garage ... hopefully he'll calm down and start getting better. I don't think we can keep him -- my allergies wouldn't stand for him to be in the main part of the house -- but we can house him for now until a better solution is found.

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