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The Enlightened One Ascends

This cat has an unerring knack for waking me up when I don't want to be. This morning it was a loud crash at 5:30 a.m., informing us that the little cat-shelf we'd installed on the garage window had decided that it wasn't having any part of it and going to pieces.

Getting to the garage, we heard Buddha meowing but couldn't find him for anything, until I happened to look up...

Find the Buddha!

He's been crawling around up in the rafters, the silly thing. Unfortunately for him, there didn't appear to be any feasible route for getting back down. So before we left for work I pulled some of the stuff off of the shelf so that hopefully he could make his way down in stages. By the time we left, he had not come down for his breakfast ... so we'll see what happens. All that he seems to do when we're in the garage is meow and fall asleep at us. It isn't until he can figure out some way to wake me up that he becomes active.

So then, since we were up, we left for work 20 minutes earlier than usual. Naturally, traffic gave us the finger and we had a 50-minute commute again.

I'd slap northern Virginia if I could.

-The Gneech
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