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Emergency Cat Bonding

Well, I hadn't planned to try picking Buddha up any time soon -- I figured just him letting us pet and hand-feed him was major progress. However, laurie_robey spotted an enormous bloated TICK hidden down in his fur, and we decided that this demanded prompt attention.

We weren't sure how Buddha would react to being picked up, so in case he got scrappy about it I put on my thick trenchcoat and some work gloves. Turned out they were unnecessary -- he really is a very submissive little guy. If he can't escape (which is his first attempted course of action) he just hunkers down and hopes for the best -- with the occasional squirm just in case he can catch you off-guard.

Anyway, I got him in the old gentle-but-unbreakable kung-fu grip, and Laurie went to work on the tick with the tweezers. Once that was done and some hydrogen peroxide had been applied to the wound, we flushed the little bastard (the tick, not the cat) down the toilet, and I gave Buddha a very thorough scritching around the ears and neck while Laurie got him his dinner.

He is now a contented little fluffball (the cat, not the tick), and when he was put down didn't go streaking for the corner but instead hung around wanting more attention. The turkey seems to have insta-socialized him, which is bizarre but not unwelcome. I think the tick was probably bugging him, too (it was about ready to pop, as they say), and that it was a relief for him to have it removed. Thus he is learning to associate us with good things.

I am learning to associate him with sneezing and itchy eyes, alas.

We have no idea how long that tick was on him or how it got there. It could be that it was there all along and both the vet and Alley Cat Allies missed it -- that's what we suspect -- but it's also possible that it got on him in the garage. If so, that's a much more disturbing prospect, due to its implications.

Anyway, we're not going to find out tonight. But hey, at least Buddha is de-ticked (as far as we can see) and we got to pick him up and generally give him some TLC.

-The Gneech
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