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Well, the good news is that we got to go home not too long after my last post, so it was a long day but not an OMGlong day. The main thing that was so irksome was not knowing when we were gonna be able to go. But it's all as resolved as it's going to be for now, at least as far as laurie_robey and I are concerned. Unfortunately, half of the network team is gonna be at it all weekend.

So we came home and pulled out the new toy ... a Black & Decker cordless electric mower! B--

--sorry, was interrupted by the appearance of a four-legged lapwarmer, and some power outages. I'll start that paragraph again.

So we came home and pulled out the new toy ... a Black & Decker cordless electric mower! Boo, yeah. This is the first time in my life I've ever had one, and it feels like such a luxury you wouldn't believe it. We had a riding mower when I was growing up at Ogdenland, but it was 15 years old and rusty when we got it, and my parents only ever did just enough maintenance to keep it running.

Then we moved to Strathmeade Street, where we had a gas-powered push mower that worked well enough, but had an all-steel frame and weighed about as much as a Sherman tank. It also was maintained just enough to keep it running, and was stored out in the rain. Oh yeah, that was a precision tool after about six months.

It wasn't until laurie_robey and I moved into the Headlands Court apartment that we bought ourselves a mower, but since the mowable section of lawn there is roughly the size of the studio+living room here, we got a mechanical (non-powered) mower and pushed it around the yard. It worked surprisingly well as long as you kept up with the lawn every 10 days or so. Once the lawn got more than 5" high, the thing just was not physically capable of cutting it. All it did was push the grass over.

So for the new house, we bought a new mower. We had to order the one we wanted off of Amazon, because it was sold out all over town, so we borrowed hantamouse's corded version in the meantime. So light! So easy to use! So effective on stuff that would make the mechanical mower just stop in its tracks and say, "Yeah, right!"

Unfortunately, the out-of-the-box charge died halfway through the back yard. So we had to finish off the rest with Hanta's again. And now we're taking it back over to him, as he says that his lawn has become carnivorous.

I feel so "Dexter's father" enthusing about a lawn mower. Yeesh. But when you've got an arduous task ahead of you, having the right tool for the job makes all the difference in the world!

-The Gneech
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