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Happy Birthday, kagur!

For your present, here's today's Forgotten English!

Furred; clammy.
--Rev. John Boag's Imperial Lexicon, c. 1850

Furry Day
A dancing festival has long graced the streets of Heston, Cornwall, on this date. The dance, described as a "light kind," was called the "furry" or gathering. George Williamson's Curious Survivals (1923) mentioned this event, saying, "The strange old word, 'furry,' is probably derived from [Cornish] feria, a fair or jubilee. But it has been suggested by several writers on Cornish customs that this dance belongs to a far more remote period than the days of the fairs, and probably had its origin in a Roman festival. In 242 BC, a celebrated Roman courtesan named Flora bequeathed her entire fortune to the people of Rome. ... It is quite possible that the Furry Dance of Helston may represent the Floralia of Roman days, and may have been introduced into this country by the Romans. The dance takes place in the streets, and commences very early in the morning, continuing all day, the dancers going in and out of the various houses and drawing into their midst the persons who are visiting the town."

And then at midnight, the skeletons force the ensorcelled dancers to pass through the Totentanz Gate, turning them into ghastly undead puppets...

Oh, no, wait, that was something else. Sorry.

-The Gneech
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