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One Damn Thing After Another

Have spent all week cleaning up the mess from Friday's hacker. Would you believe we found the little turd's MySpace page? He's in Brazil.

Patching the dev server yesterday killed ASP.NET. Way to go MicroSuck. So there was much flailing around trying to get that fixed.

Last night's chicken parmegiana from "Pizza King" was clear (i.e., uncooked) in the middle. Threw away most of it and had a Pop Tart for dinner. Fortunately, only minor repercussions.

AC failure this morning. 150° in the server room and alarms going off all over the place. Did we incur the wrath of the gypsies or something?

Applying goo to Buddha's eyes: not fun. 'nuff said.

Resisting gouging my own eyes out with a spork by shoving wet cloth into them instead. Makes it hard to see the screen, tho.

Haven't heard yet if my dad's going home today; my guess would be "no".

Tomorrow's strip has barely been started, and I have errands to run tonight -- besides the fact that we may be sitting vigil on my dad for a while tonight. Good thing I got sleep last night.

On the good side:

Laurie's parents have done us a tremendous favor by postponing their planned visit for this weekend into June. Thank you, Laurie's parents!

Here, have some Lion Cut Buddha pics.

Mrrf. I need a vacation.

-The Gneech

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