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Doctor, Doctor...

Well, I've got a primary physician now, and had my first checkup in 11 years. Overall, aside from being overweight (old news) and in allergy hell (also old news) my health is decent. The only problem areas are that my blood pressure is a little too close to "the high end of right", and that I'm suffering from "allergy-induced asthma" -- guh.

So he gave me a prescription for Zirtec to replace the "Allegra+Benadryl" combination, a new inhaler (the name of which escapes me at the moment) to replace the Albuterol, which is supposed to help with the asthma, and a nasal spray to combat the "nasal passages always just-a-little-irritated" problem I've been having for some time now. I also got a tetanus shot, since I hadn't had one in forever, and I need to go back for some blood tests after fasting for 12 hours (so possibly tomorrow a.m.).

And so, life carries on. Hopefully the meds will enable us to keep Buddha.

-The Gneech
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