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Generally Perplexed Snoozer

As many of you may know, tomorrow laurie_robey and I are going up to New Jersey for the Cape May Furmeet. It is traditional, on these occasions, for Laurie and I to get hopelessly lost on the malignant NJ highway system, and then have Don tell us when we get there that we shoulda just come up the ### to ### and turned onto the ###, 'cause he can easily get to California in just fourteen days, or some such.

However, as neither she nor I have the patience for that this time around (I'm sick, and she's the one doing the driving after ministrating to both our starving orphan kitty and her asthmatic hubby), we went over to Best Buy and bought a Garmin nüvi 200 GPS receiver. I have now programmed it with our house, our hotel in Cape May, the Cape May Zoo, and the restaurant where we're supposed to have dinner tomorrow. As time goes on, I imagine we'll stuff it full of all the other places we go that are more than 15 minutes away. This is one of those things that we've been thinking about and thinking about for way too long. I think it was seeing our real estate agent's GPS in action that made me finally decide it was a "gotta have" item.

Hope it works! See you in Cape May.

-The Gneech
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