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Book Followup

Well, by virtue of being the one Barnes & Noble had in stock, I picked up Alternatives to Sex: A Novel; laurie_robey happened to remember that I had picked up Blue Heaven last time I was jonesin' for a new book and hadn't read it that time -- if memory serves, I was distracted by buying a house.

The common theme I notice between these two books is that the protagonists are gay guys in major cities of the northeast (Boston and New York, respectively). I wasn't looking for books about gay guys, particularly, I was just looking for humorous fiction. Apparently gay guys are funnier or something. Most of the books I've found have been like that, actually. Bertie Wooster was a drone, but it would seem that all his descendants are queens. ;)

I'll let you know if either of them are any good. I hope at least that they're better than Wake Up, Sir, which was a distinct disappointment.

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