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Speaking of Hugh Laurie...

I keep being highly amused by comments I see here, there, and everywhere about "Can you believe HOUSE is singing?" or "Wow, the guy who plays HOUSE was once in a TV show with Stephen Fry!" etc. -- I mean, my interests are wide and varied, but "way ahead of the curve" they generally are not.

See, when I see "House, M.D.", all I can think is "Hey, what's the deal with Bertie Wooster/Prince George/Stephen's Comedy Partner playing this cranky old doctor?" It's not even like I can say I knew about him before he was famous -- 'cause he's been famous in the U.K. for decades. I only first became aware of him in the early '90s when the local PBS station had a (very short) run of "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" because it was "sorta like a more contemporary 'Monty Python'" (not really, but in the world of TV marketing, that's how they looked at it), followed up by watching "Jeeves and Wooster" for years.

Ah well, people are strange. :)

Anyway, dedicated to nicodemusrat, who commented that Hugh can actually sing when he wants to, let's have...

Mystery ... or a more recent performance...

Too Long Johnny...

All We Gotta Do...

...and my personal favorite, The Sophisticated Song.

Then let's watch him get the stuffing knocked out of him. Just because!

House? Feh. Hughey-come-lately, says I!

-The Gneech
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