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Busy, Busy, Busy!

Today, my mom's player piano has left for my brother's house; one bathroom has been cleaned thoroughly and closed off; major organization and packing of materials has been accomplished; received cool and useful feedback from various folks about SJ; Laurie and I watched the first episode of Slayers (expect commentary to follow ... later); I've shopped for movers; Monday's and Wednesday's SJ strips have been posted for kelloggs2066, who has volunteered to be "guest colorist" for a bit until katayamma can get Photoshop working on his system again; and the dining room table and chairs have been tossed into the Outback to take over to the new place, which we're going to do right after dinner.

Later tonight, jamesbarrett is running D&D for me and Camstone.

Whoof! We certainly have been busy today, haven't we, Hamtaro? And I bet tomorrow's going to be even better!


-The Gneech
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