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At one of the Starbucks we frequent at lunchtime there is a chatterbox of a barista who today inquired of me, "Do you remember the '80s at all?"

Somewhat amused, I said, "Yes, I spent about ten years of my life there."

Nonplussed by this, he asked me to identify a song from the '80s ("Take On Me" by A-Ha, what a softball!) and was amazed to learn how old I was. He seemed to think I was somewhere in my mid- to late-twenties and was quite shocked that I was (*gasp*) 37. Of course, I started thinking of myself as being "around 30" when I was 24 and haven't stopped thinking of myself that way since.

In other news, for fans of "The Chap": you might want to check out Classic Style Magazine, a sartorial quarterly for the tweed-minded. Think of it as a "GQ" that Jeeves would actually approve of. I was greatly impressed by the first issue primarily because it was all about men's hats, and particularly fedoras. The second (and current) issue, the cover of which you can see in the upper-right-hand corner of the web page, is about finding a well-fitted suit.

A two-year subscription is only $25, so I'm thinking of indulging. It does say "Dapper Gent" on my business card, after all, and I should probably strive to live up to my self-declared reputation.

-The Gneech
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