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That Darn Cat

Around midnight, Buddha's incessant cries out in the hall got to the point where it was quite clear I wasn't going to go back to sleep until I did something about it. So I came out of the bedroom and downstairs, put the anti-claw armor (i.e., a towel) on my lap, and picked him up.

Instantly he curled into a faceplant and went right to sleep. ¬.¬

In order to make sure he got good and deep into it, I let him stay there for a while and finished up Wednesday's Suburban Jungle, covering him up with the towel to keep the light out of his eyes. 45 minutes later he was quite sedate as I set him down on the chair and went back up to bed.

I can't see how parents do it. My little midnight excursion made me feel like crud this morning until I decided to call in late to work and sleep an extra hour-and-a-half. The idea of being up at 3 a.m. for feedings (etc.) on a regular basis ... yikes. *shudder*

The ones I really can't understand are the ones who are cartoonists and parents. And often they have pets as well.

What are you people, crazy???

-The Gneech
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