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Not a Sword Slash Amongst Us!

jamesbarrett ran a roleplaying-heavy evening of D&D tonight; Theran finally got to pick up the armor made from the hide of the black dragon the party slew way back when, and it's way cool. :) The Armor Check Penalty hurts (-4, ouch! That's a 20% penalty!), but on the other hand it has some acid resistance and an arcane spell failure chance of only 8%! This is some super-nice armor; I doubt I'll be wanting any more for some time.

Anyway, now the party is off to Geoff, there to slay giants. Should be fun fun carnage carnage. Gooooood luck! Yoooouuu'll NEED it!

Now it's my turn to do D&D next, but not next weekend -- gotta move!

So what have those wacky drow been up to, I wonder...?

-The Gneech
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