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Brigid opened the passenger-side door and tossed her enormous leather bag of papers into the back seat. "The dealership called," she said. "My car's ready to pick up."

"Very good, madam," said Greg in his worst Jeeves imitation as she got in and pulled on the seat belt.

After a few moments of fidgeting, adjusting, and general get-into-gearing, Greg started to pull out of the office parking lot. "I wonder if they ever actually do anything in there," Brigid commented.

"Hmm?" said Greg.

She pointed to an office in her building, in which was visible only a sparse orange lobby and a tall, unmanned receptionist desk. "On the first floor, there. 'OCX Concepts, Inc.' Aside from having caught a glimpse of four people having a meeting in a room behind the desk, I never see anybody come or go, or even a receptionist. I've gotta wonder what they do there."

"Well, obviously!" said Greg. "They incentivize exciting new paradigms."

"Guh," said Brigid.

"Yup! They incentivize paradigms and diversify exciting new directions."

"Stop it right now," said Brigid, "or I'm walking to the dealership."

"Would hurt you more than it would me," said Greg.

"Don't bet on it," said Brigid.

-The Gneech

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