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Captain Jack Sparrow Has Gone Off His Nut

Just got back from seeing Pirates of the Caribbean -- At World's End with laurie_robey, jamesbarrett and camstone. My verdict: very good! Better than the second, definitely, but probably not on par with the first one if only because it lacks that element of "Wait, this movie actually doesn't suck???" surprise that made the first one such a joy of discovery.

I do have some spoilery comments and/or questions, tho.

First: Okay, Jack's getting schizo, apparently. Too much rum, time in the sun, or just a side-effect of dying?

Second: Okay, what exactly is supposed to have happened with (ex-)Governor Swann? We see him in Beckett's office saying, "What's this, more requisitions?" to which the person handing him the papers says, "No, an execution." Then we see them all rowing over to the Flying Dutchman, and a bunch of soldiers aim their bayonets at Davy Jones' heart. Next time we see the Gov, he's floating off to the afterlife and taking on the role of Governor Exposition about somebody needing to take over as Captain of the Dutchman if Davy Jones is killed. As obviously Davy Jones wasn't killed, and also as obviously Governor Swann didn't become Captain, what did happen?

Third: Once freed, Calypso doesn't actually seen to have done much. She caused a storm and a whirlpool, yesh ... but I was sort of expecting tidal waves to wipe out the armada or some such.

Fourth: Will Turner, demigod! I certainly wasn't expecting that ending. I was definitely figuring on Jack for that role. I also wasn't expecting Keith Richards' cameo to be in the land of the living! I figured Jack was going to meet him in the underworld, a la Aeneas or Ulysses.

Fifth: Rather unceremonious way to dispose of the kraken. Smacked of "we don't want to deal with it ... so drop a bus on it and move on". After it was such a huge bugaboo in the second film, for it to just be killed off on a whim smacks a little of Boba Fett going down the hole due to a faulty jet-pack.

Anyway, good flick, all around, and a nice capper for the series. For the record, it should be noted that this is not a trilogy, but rather a movie followed by a two-part sequel. Re-watching the first one will seem quaintly grounded in reality after the wild turns of fantasy in numbers two and three. Still, if all this kinda weird stuff was going on, you gotta wonder why Elizabeth was terrified by a few dancing skeletons in the first one!

-The Gneech
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