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Artspots, Plus Wednesday Workout Report

Alas, my application for Artspots was turned down. It was a nice note with suggestions on how to improve, as opposed to the curt "no" I got from Yerf, which helped at least. Meanwhile, I've still got a Jaxpad gallery of course. I am eligible to reapply pretty much whenever, but as I haven't done any new art since my application, there's not a lot of point yet. Maybe in a few months.

In other news, have a workout report.

Warmup: 3 mins aerobic rows @ 25 lbs (easy)
Cross Triceps Extension: 2 x 10 reps each side @ 25 lbs (easy/mod)
Seated Resisted Punch: 2 x 10 reps each side @ 25 lbs (mod)
Standing Reverse Fly: 3 x 10 reps @ 15 lbs (easy at first, then mod)
Standing Chest Press: 2 x 10 reps @ 25 lbs (mod)
Aerobic Row: 40 reps @ 40 lbs (tough; but this was supposed to be 40 reps @ 25 lbs and I goofed it up again, sigh)
Cooldown: 3 mins aerobic rows @ 25 lbs (easy)

Body Weight: 312 lbs

This was actually supposed to be my workout for last Wednesday, but I was just too busy with work and medical stuff to do it. C'est la vie. Also, apparently I'm 312 lbs at night and 307 during the day, as my doctor's scale consistently puts me at 307, as did my scale on Saturday. I know people vary by time of day, but 5 lbs seems an awfully big swing.

Oh well. We carry on.

-The Gneech


Jun. 28th, 2007 02:36 pm (UTC)
The main body of the advice is:

"I think you are far enough along that if you study a book like Vilppu's Drawing Manual, you would get a lot out of it. I would also recommend the Perspective Drawing Handbook and Visualizing Muscles. The former because it would help in creating full 3D spaces not to mention it also goes over light sources and how they interact with the environment. The muscle book is great, because it shows exactly where they are and how they stretch and compress. It is a wonderful thing to just put some tracing paper over it and practice drawing the flows and rhythms of the muscles, not to mention trying to give various parts a simplified 3D shape."

It wasn't a detailed critique by any stretch.

-The Gneech
Jul. 1st, 2007 10:08 pm (UTC)
That's basically the exact same comment they gave to me...I think it's a form letter. I hope they're not using rejections to try to push artists into buying Vilppu's books or the other books they're pushing from Amazon.

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