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Tonight laurie_robey and I will be joined by panthras and film2edit for some tea and crumpets and a trip to Pla-Za Artist Materials so they can shamelessly take advantage of my discount card. ;) Which of course means I need to stop at Trader Joe's on the way home and pick up the crumpets.

EDIT: Or not. Apparently Pan is still in the wrong hemisphere for such activities. Guess we'll try again some other time!

Yes, I am a shameless anglophile. This is not news. ;)

Also, my mention that I was thinking of having a cookout on July 4th has apparently turned into "COOKOUT AT GNEECH'S HOUSE, WOOHOO!" -- at least in certain circles. hantamouse's mum in particular is chomping at the bit to get over here. But if it gets much larger, that silly little "Mike's Hard Lemonade" grill is not going to be up to the task. Maybe we should get a better grill this weekend.

Mmm, fire and beef. :d

-The Gneech
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