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Stealing a rare hour to just sit and watch something, laurie_robey and I watched the "lost episode" of Rumpole of the Bailey last night. This was actually an episode of "Play For Today," a BBC drama anthology kinda-sorta equivalent to "Masterpiece Theater" in the U.S., except that it was new stories produced for the show rather than repackaging already-extant programs. The "Rumpole" segment in question was something of a pilot for the Rumpole series that came two years later.

So far, it's a bit slow and kinda talky. Rumpole himself is an engaging enough character, and the courtroom intrigue part was good. But the ancillary story about the "we never really talk" triangle between Rumpole, his son, and his wife, all just sorta fell flat. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, he's hard to know 'cause he's an eccentric and his family really doesn't understand him. I get it already!" about sums up what I was thinking during those segments. I'd like to see more humor and more sticking to cases, myself.

Still, I'll be interested to see how the series progresses and what evolution comes. Columbo was a pretty ordinary blue-collar copper when he showed up almost as a supporting character in "Prescription: Murder" -- the shabby little guy who badgers the killer with "just one more thing" didn't show up 'til later, either. So we'll see!

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