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I Don't Have Time to Post This

I keep wanting to post about my day, or recent events, or other sorts of mildly-interesting topics, but I keep not having the time to devote to it. For instance, this morning I'd like to talk about what a good day I had yesterday being Mr. Household Host to a good-sized party of friends who came over for meat, fire, and fireworks -- maybe even post a pic of the poor dead husks and black smudges on the cinderblocks in the back yard -- but I just don't have time. So you'll have to use your imagination from the summary that I had a terrific day and enjoyed hosting the bash, and you'll just have to wonder in frustrated anxiety about who was there. Unless they tell you themselves.

This has been the story of my life ever since we started house-hunting, and a major reason why my journal is so sparse lately compared to the days of old. It has improved in the past month, but it's still not quite where I'd like it to be.

So today, the three of us pile into the Jeep Commander (which is another mildly-interesting topic that I just don't have time to tell you about) and drive up to AnthroCon. I have so little time, in fact, that I can't tell you who the other two people in the Jeep Commander will be, so hopefully they'll comment on this post and let you know who they are. Although if you know my habits and circle of friends, you can probably make an informed guess.

But before we do that, I need to shower, dress, pack, and make an emergency dash to various craft stores in search of a better portfolio for storing prints. In fact, I should be finishing up said shower by now, except that my lovely and brilliant wife (whom I don't have time to identify by name but you should know by now) has just jumped in the shower ahead of me because I was taking too long writing this post. I guess I'll go gather up my laundry and the laptop instead, if I can squeeze it in.

-The Gneech
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