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Post-Morty Post, Part 2 -- "What's New at This Table?"

Pursuant to yesterday's post, my other big problem at AC was simply that I didn't have very much new stuff at the table. Specifically, I had one new item, the Kitten Kaboodle shirt, which to some extent got lost in a sea of other black-shirts-with-white-text. The KK shirt did sell, but it didn't make a big splash.

But the main question I was fielding over and over again was, "What's new at this table?" And I didn't have a lot to answer with, simply because I've been too busy to really generate any new content. I bought a house, I rescued a deteriorating cat, I dealt with ailing parents and relatives -- I've had a heck of a year. 0.o But people come to cons hoping to see NEW stuff. The truth of it is that most of the things I had at the table had been to previous AnthroCons -- a few of them to several previous AnthroCons -- and are more or less in the receding end of their "product lifespan".

So my other big Lesson Learned from AC 2007 is that my merchandise needs a vigorous overhaul. Since everything is paid for, several old items need to be sold off at slash-to-the-bone prices just to get rid of the stock, and I need to put some heavy-duty work into coming up with new things to put on the table -- particularly at least one new book. I'm not sure if there's enough content yet for a new NeverNever book, but that's the prime candidate right now.

I definitely don't want to turn into That Guy -- I imagine you know one or possibly several -- who hasn't really produced interesting new stuff for years but goes from con to con with the same dingy old stuff and complains bitterly about how these young punks are too cheap to buy anything. You can coast on a name and a reputation for a little while, but you can't keep doing that or you get a new name and reputation as a perennial coaster.

Plus, if you don't keep making new things, you never improve! And since I have a lot of improving to do, there's only the one way to do it.

-The Gneech
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