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Mission Complete!

katayamma has strips through next Monday, making me officially ONE WEEK AHEAD on Suburban Jungle again for the first time since who-knows-when! And Sue and Richard have been cranking like crazy on NeverNever, putting us well into next week on that as well.


Of course, now I need to write more scripts for both. CURSES! But writing, writing is the easy part, isn't it my precious? Oh yes, it is, my love.



In other news, I have now also seen the current season of Doctor Who up to date with what's running on the SciFi Channel, i.e., up to "The Shakespeare Code," i.e., two episodes into the season. So far I'm diggin' it ... I'll at least do my best to enjoy it 'til Jack comes back. (Note to Russel T. Davies: I love outrageously camp characters as much as the next man, so to speak, but I don't really want them mucking about with my mysteries and monsters. Can we have a bit more Robert Holmes and a bit less John Inman, Mr. Producer Man?)

Hmm. I thought for sure I had more to write about, but if I did I seem to have lost it in the laundry somewhere.

Oh! Now I remember. For those who are following Buddha's Saga, there are more photos here!

That's it for now. G'nite, world, and have an awesome tomorrow!

-The Gneech
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