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Conan & The Songs of the Dead: Very Disappointing

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Conan and the Songs of the Dead -- Bad (And Often Inappropriate) Script; Mediocre Plot; Decent but Not Great Art

You'd think that a comic featuring Conan against a wizard who can forcibly shapeshift other creatures, leading up to the bringing of a Lovecraftian nasty into the world at the climax, would be a great ride.

Alas, this one isn't. Besides being pretty much a retread of a hundred other bad Conan pastiches, "Songs of the Dead" suffers under a painfully bad script full of lame locker room humor. Yes, Conan has descended to poop jokes and verbal pissing-contests. Not pretty.

The few things that are good about "Songs of the Dead" are quickly disposed of (most notably an intriguing djinn character who sadly gets reduced to just another cheesy babe for Conan to have sex with, and a wizard with some interesting moments of characterization who is killed in short order once he gets within reach), and the rest never really manages to get better than "mediocre and done better before by other people".

"Conan and the Songs of the Dead" was a real disappointment, and should be shunned by Robert E. Howard fans.

-The Gneech
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