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Speaking of Jaxpad/Artspots...

I must admit, I'm curious as to who's who over there. I know a heaping spoonful of people in the California* furry art community, at least two of whom I know are big into the Jaxpad/Artspots project ... but I don't know which or if either of them are the ones behind the posts by "Seurat," "Rousseau," "Babbage," et al.

Not that it really matters, I suppose, but it feels a little weird interacting with somebody and not knowing if they're somebody I know or not.

If that makes any sense.

-The Gneech

* EDIT: It occurs to me here that technically I should say "west coast" rather than California, because several notable members of the group I'm thinking of aren't actually in California. I just tend to see them in California, at Further Confusion. So all you Seattlites, Oregonites, Arizonites, etc., please don't feel slighted. I love you guys!
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