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Vroooom! SKREECH

Quandary time!

I've got SJ scripted out through October 11 and, while there are gags, it is fairly serious stuff. If you looked up "inhibitions" in the dictionary, you'd find a picture of Conrad (probably with that pole-axed expression on his face and a word balloon that says, "Uhh..."). However, the tigerboy has gone and gotten himself a bit tipsy -- not exactly the wisest thing to do if you're already prone to depression, but an effective way to get someone to say what they really think. And, as Drezzer has offered himself up as somebody for Conrad to vent to, he does -- to a certain extent.

That's all well and good, except that I've reached a critical juncture in the conversation and I, like Conrad, have no clue what to do next. Drezzer has just told Conrad something that nobody's ever told him before, something that almost shakes the foundations of Conrad's worldview -- but to Drezzer, it was nothing it all. From a storytelling point of view, this particular vignette is actually pretty much over at this stage, but there is still an implied sequence of events that has yet to happen. If I just break it there, and go on to the next piece, everyone will be wondering, "So then what happened?" Unfortunately, the rather anticlimactic answer is, "Nothing, they went home."

Now I do have a storyline in mind that could follow almost immediately on the heels of this one that would segue very naturally -- in fact, since it involves Drezzer and comes rather out of the blue, it could yank him out of the conversation with Conrad, necessarily ending that particular sequence right there. Unfortunately, I have certain misgivings about doing it.

I don't want to post spoilers here, even if it is my own journal ;), but this idea I have is pretty darn heavy -- and I'm worried about using it. Heavy is what stopped NeverNever in its tracks. I don't want this story idea to become the point where Suburban Jungle jumped the shark.

I have another story idea that I could use instead ... but you can't get there from here. It involves Tiffany, Dover, Eddie Ape (remember him?), and MegaHuge ConGloMaCo, and most certainly does not segue gracefully from Conrad standing there blinking at Drezzer. This storyline is also a little heavy, but not too bad -- certainly lighter than Dover's predation lessons, for instance, but heavier than, say, Tiffarella. It has the added benefit of involving some popular characters that haven't been seen for quite some time. All in all, I'd much rather do this story than the heavier one, but I don't know how to get to it.

Hmm ... hold on ... idea forming...

Well, sitting here typing away seems to have engaged my muse long enough that I think I may have solved my problem, actually. At least I have something to try, which is usually all I need to get going.

Yay! Thanks for listening to me ramble. If you've ever wondered what Laurie has to sit through in the evenings, now you know! ;P

Later, all!

-The Gneech
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