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Quandry Update

Well, the idea I had in my last post worked out well. I now have SJ scripted through 10/18, and the Conrad/Drezzer thing now has what I think is a very nice ending. I'm going to put up the pencil now for a bit and let that sink in before I start coming up with the next storyline.

Of course, now I've got to get home and unpack everything so I can start drawing! ;)

This is such a handy breakpoint, in fact, that I may have the week of 10/22 - 10/27 be a "raid the sketchbook" week so I can do that site redesign I've wanted to do for two years now! Then I can start up the following week with a new storyline and a new look.

Hmm ... I like the sound of that!

-The Gneech
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