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Writing the Rulebook Is Finished! [S&S Saga]

I still have to proofread it and format it, but all of the core rules and supplementary material (such as beast and NPC stat blocks) for "release 1.0" are finished.

I am going to do two versions of the booklet -- one for my players which has a bit more stuff copied from SWSE (which won't be publicly distributed) and one for interested parties on the internet which only includes my new material and posts SWSE page numbers for everything else (to protect WotC's copyright).

I still need to work up info about Khaldun and environs for the players as well, but that should go pretty quickly.

The good news is, I already have the first adventure ("Mark of the Spider") pretty much ready to go, so once everything is in place, I'll be ready to hit the ground running.

-The Gneech
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