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BZZZZ! "Hey, Where's My Hair?"

Pre-con haircut day! That's what today was, among other things. However, as Stephanie (our usual mop-mower) chose this inopportune time to go on her whirlwind tour of, er, somewhere, we went with a pair of unknowns at the Bubbles close to our house.

Normally I take some photographic reference for my cut, generally of Brendan Fraser and Hugh Grant, and tell the haircuttist to aim for somewhere in between. However, I didn't have my photos this time, so I described my desired cut as "a taper cut, fairly short on the back and sides, but with a lot of body up on top."

While I'd say it was overall a fair description of what I got, Sean (the haircuttist) and I have different ideas of what constitutes "a lot of body". The same way the 10th Doctor described himself as having "big hair" while I described him as having "very little hair," what Sean thinks of as "a lot of body up on top" I think of as "a few curls that will look better once they've grown out for a month."

Or, as laurie_robey said when she saw me, "Wow, that's short."

So short, in fact, that my hat now sits an inch lower on my head. 0.o

Ah well, it makes for variety. :) And at least now it'll be easy to take care of at Dragon*Con. Shower, shake the water out of it, and it's dry!

-The Gneech
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