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Sartorial Bliss

In case you are so inclined but don't know, Joseph A. Bank is having a "$199 sale," which boils down to "lots of stuff that's usually $300-$600 costs $200" ... so I took the opportunity to get myself that brown overcoat I've been wanting, or at least something close to it. (What I really want is a U.S. Navy bridge coat or an Edwardian frock coat, except in dark brown -- but I've been searching for years and haven't found it yet.)

I'm somewhat torn about Joseph A. Bank, partially because they only rarely flirt with sizes anywhere near mine (at 52 long, I've just managed to squeak in), but mostly because they have the smarmiest, most annoying radio ads since Jack Armstrong the All-American Boy told us that real scientists say Wheaties is packed with real food energy.

Still, when the coat comes in I may just go back and pick myself up a suit. At $199 for a well-made blazer and two pairs of trousers, it's a pretty darn good deal if you're inclined to buy "real clothes".

-The Gneech
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