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I'm in JavaScript training this week. Normally, due to 508 accessibility compliance, we just leave JavaScript off our sites. However, as we're doing more utility pages for our clients and possibly more private sector stuff, I've been doing more JS stuff and need to know what I'm doing.

Only problem is -- yikes. The "sample page" we're building is one of the most ugly, overwrought pieces of junk code this side of MySpace, with every cliché of bad webpage design from frames to a gigantic .gif of a plane "flying" across the top in a never-ending loop. All it needs is spacer .gifs and exploding, spinning "New!" and "Under Construction" images, and my time-warp back to 1996 will be complete. 0.o

On the heels of the excellent CSS course, this is a painful thing to get through. But I'm here for the technology, not the aesthetics -- just don't ask me about the animated laughing leprechaun with sound clip. ¬.¬

-The Gneech
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