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I'm not generally prone to worry, but I'm anxious today. laurie_robey and I are working from home because we've started a program of injections for Buddha that are supposed to help him build up a resistance to his bazillion different allergies, and for the first few days we need to watch him closely to make sure there's no adverse reactions.

I can't give Buddha the injections myself, I freeze up. I'm the same way about not being able to cut people's hair -- I get nervous and panic. Just getting the little primer from the vet about administering the injection nearly gave me a breakdown. :-` What if there's a bubble in the needle I didn't see? What if I screw it up and hurt him or kill him? I know that if I'm careful it's nothing to worry about, but the stakes are just too high I guess.

I can hold Buddha for the serum, that's not a problem. In fact, it'd be difficult to keep me away from that. So with me holding him in place, and laurie_robey administering the needle, he got the first treatment this morning.

Now, to give him another one every other day for the next month.


-The Gneech
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