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This Is SUPPOSED To Be the Good Stuff

I was using Armory spray primer and fixer on my miniatures a while back, and as some of you may recall, it "frosted" my minis something awful, especially the fixer. So I went to a hobby shop and shelled out the extra bucks on some Citadel (i.e. Warhammer) spray primer and fixer instead.

Well, this morning, the Citadel primer seemed to be made of pure suck. :P Instead of a nice, even coat of black paint, what I got was a horrid spray of black flecks that dissipated to a thin cloud at a distance of roughly 7". In other words, to get any coverage, I had to blast the minis up close (4" - 5" at most) and in several coats.

Oy. Hope the fixer isn't like this, or I might as well not bother. :P

-The Gneech
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