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The New Criterion: It Was Twenty Years Ago Today
We are all rockers now. National Review publishes its own chart of the Fifty Greatest Conservative Rock Songs, notwithstanding that most of the honorees are horrified to find themselves on such a hit parade. The National Review countdown of the All-Time Hot 100 Conservative Gangsta Rap Tracks can’t be far away. Even right-wingers want to get with the beat and no-one wants to look like the wallflower who can’t get a chick to dance with him. To argue against rock and roll is now as quaintly irrelevant as arguing for the divine right of kings. It was twenty years ago today, sang the Beatles forty years ago today, that Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play.

The Onion: Third-Person Limited Omniscient Narrator Blown Away By Surprise Ending
"Holy shit, I did not see that coming. Did you see that coming?" the disembodied literary device said on page 367 following the last paragraph of the novel. "Man, right in the head!"

The Smart Set: The Official Typeface of the 20th Century
At the risk of being a film spoiler, the history of typography is not steeped in sex, murder or intrigue. The occasional kidnapper might still create a ransom note using cut-out letters snipped from the newspaper, but there it ends. Still, there are plenty of colorful moments in the history of typography, although they're as easy to overlook as Helvetica itself. It's a classic figure-ground problem. We tend to think of Gutenberg's printing press as revolutionary, because it allowed the dissemination of incendiary material such as Luther's The 95 Theses. Content can have radical aims or outcomes, but what about the individual letters that give body and tone to the content?

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