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The End! Sorta.

The Yin In Space storyline is finally through! Interesting thing is, at least one reader in the forum made a pretty close guess to today's twist, which amused me. I tried to lay a few hints here and there without telegraphing it ... I don't know if they got the hints or were just looking for a twist to apply. :)

It's a slightly sad moment of course, because this is probably the last appearance of Yin as a regular cast member, and she is a fun character. But with this story, she's outgrown her role of "wacky roommate," and as she herself said, there's no way she could go back to that now. The big irony is that Tiffany, the star, plays at being a space hero, while Yin, the wacky roommate, is off to become the real deal. Funny old world! :D

Will there ever be stories about the adventures of Arden and Yin traveling through time and space with a license but without a TARDIS? I don't know at this stage. I don't have any plans for such, but when it comes to the creative process I'm inclined to never say never. Certainly there won't be any by the end of the current strip.

After all this, it's gonna be difficult to get my mind back in the "Cheers With Furries" mindset that Suburban Jungle was designed around. Maybe I should go back and reread some of the really early strips. Considering their age and what I was going through as I drew them, I'm often amazed at just how well those hold up. :)

-The Gneech

PS: Aside to rhanlav -- fear not, Squash and Stretch have not been "written out". We'll see more of them!
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