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Random Links'n'Stuff

I've lost track of where all these come from; some I looked up on my own, some people linked to. So feel free to comment with "Hey, I posted that!" if you'd like credit. ;)

Robin's Laws of Good Gamemastering -- The single best how-to on being a good GM I've ever read, although some of Aaron Allston's Justice, Inc. work comes very close.

Kero: Candy Man! -- My lil' mascot meets Christina Aguilera.

Love Hina: Can-Can -- Keitaro Urashima vs. Orpheus In the Underworld?

Hamster Dance AMV -- As laurie_robey said, "I feel so 'old school' for remembering the original Hamsterdance..."

Leave It to Kero-Chan, Bonus! -- A short that was apparently on one of the CardCaptor Sakura theatrical releases. Kero vs. Spinel for the fate of an octopus hush-puppy!, yeah.

Kero Wants His Cake! -- And to eat it, too.

Star Trek Cat Fight -- I'm guessing the black one is Spock and the calico is Kirk.

And finally ... the Twelve Days of LiveJournal!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, the_gneech sent to me...
Twelve rangers drumming
Eleven seaplanes piping
Ten elves a-swashbuckling
Nine artspots cartooning
Eight webcomics a-gaming
Seven comics a-writing
Six privateers a-dancing
Five co-o-o-omic novels
Four universal monsters
Three cthulhu mythos
Two indiana jones
...and a quidditch in a stephen fry.
Get your own Twelve Days:

-The Gneech
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