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The Many Deaths of Dirk the Daring ... and Other Stuff

Another '80s arcader that I could never beat and never met anyone who could, was Dragon's Lair. So I present:

All of the footage from Dragon's Lair, Part One
All of the footage from Dragon's Lair, Part Two
All of the footage from Dragon's Lair, Part Three

...and though it's not as good...

A complete playthrough of Dragon's Lair II: TimeWarp

Didn't find Space Ace anywhere, tho.

Last night was the third (I believe) session of Red Hand of Doom, in which our heroes completed Chapter One by destroying Skull Gorge Bridge. The text of the adventure describes the Skull Gorge Bridge fight as "the climactic battle of chapter one" and recommends bumping Ozyrrandion (the green dragon) up to "juvenile" if the party is too tough. I didn't do this, just ran the encounter as written, and it was still a pretty heavy slog -- not impossible, just tough enough to keep the characters on their toes.

laurie_robey's sorcerer opened up the fight by lobbing fireballs that quickly decimated the hobgoblin troops -- but of course that got the dragon's attention! He had to make something like a DC 30 spot check to tell where she was launching fireballs from, rolled a 36, and made a beeline for the party's hidey-hole. This began a wild battle of long shots -- arrows, fireballs, and magic missiles lobbed off at extreme range, while jamesbarrett's melee guy ran back and forth and back and forth trying to get a piece of the action.

This he finally managed to do, when the dragon got close enough to one of the bridge towers for him to run up the stairs and take a flying leap onto it -- or more accurately, just catching one leg and clinging on for dear life. While the rest of the party chased after the hobgoblin leader, who was trying to escape to warn the horde, jamesbarrett rode the dragon like a bucking bronco, planting his sword into its back and getting buffeted and slammed against the bridge.

Eventually, all of the Red Hand forces were defeated and the dragon slain by a vicious critical hit. The dragon had healing potions of his own and kept scooping up potions from dead hobgoblins, so his hit point record goes as follows: 104, 79 (from the opening fireball), 77, 69, 62, 53, 38, 48, 67, 63, 50, 46, 66, 58, 50, 30, dead.

Finally, after the fight, the characters met a senile ol' coot of a forest giant named Warklegnaw, a survivor of the battle of Vraath Keep. This was a slight extension on my part of the adventure as written, in that the text assumes that the characters will follow the path up to Warklegnaw's hut and initiate contact with him. When confronted with the effigy marking the path up to his hut, however, the players' reactions were pretty universally "Giants! Eek!" But as Warklegnaw is described as a hermit who forages around the Witchwood, I had him pass close to the bridge (where the characters were camped), and they called out to him. (Why a passing giant is less scary than a giant in his lair, I don't know! But whatever works.)

My portrayal of Warklegnaw came out different from what I'd had in mind ... I had intended to go for more slow and forgetful (a la Treebeard), but instead I think I was still channeling the NPC ranger and he came out more like an 18' tall Gabby Hayes. Still, it worked. :)

So now the characters are going to head back to Drellin's Ferry to unload loot and talk to the town leaders about what's transpired. The next session will probably take them well into Chapter Two, and its startling discoveries! :D

-The Gneech
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