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Dance Dance Revolu-lion, Revisited

In our old apartment, some combination of the creaky wooden floor, the old Red Octane pad, and the X-Box utterly failed to work -- always the "back" button would fail. Strangely, the Playstation versions worked fine ... but the X-Box version had all the best music! D'Oh.

Since one of the old pads didn't fare well in its various storage/carrying places, we ended up having to toss it, and buying a new one.

Have you tried to buy a DDR pad lately? It's not easy. 0.o We eventually ordered one directly from Red Octane and, figuring we have a nice concrete foundation downstairs now, I tried it out.

I worked beautifully! :D X-Box DDR is BACK, baby! Look at those C's and D's turning into A's and AA's! YEAH!

Phew. Now I need a shower. 0.o

-The Gneech
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