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Transmitting From Docking Station

Got a new machine at work -- specifically a laptop, now snugly docked in its little docking station which enables me to use a proper keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

I have been assiduously avoiding getting a laptop on the grounds that a) I want my work to stay at work, and b) upgrading is a pain. However, we recently purchased Adobe Creative Suite (including upgrades to Dreamweaver and Photoshop, plus new copies of Illustrator, Flash, lots of other goodies) -- and the hard drive on my old desktop was literally not large enough to hold it. Le sigh!

So now, I've got a spiffy new laptop that I get to cart to and from work every day (yaaaay), but at least I have shiny new software upgrades to go with it.

*opens Dreamweaver CS3* Ooooooh ... shiiiiiny...

-The Gneech
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