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Can Has Sword and Sorcery SAGA?

Reading about D&D 4E is consistently leaving me more and more glum. I'm still hoping that the product ends up not sucking, despite WotC's best attempts to lose me as a customer ... but I'm also not holding my breath. The whole thing sounds increasingly like an attempt to make it "WoW on paper" while simultaneously making it X-TREEEM D&D!!!11! -- ugh. :P

However, if there is a practical upshot of this gaming disaster, it's that it's reminding me why and how much I liked my old Fantasy HERO games, and pointing out new possible ways to go.

I started running Red Hand of Doom (3.5) as a transitional thing, both to bide my time until I can see the reality of 4E as well as coping with the group's shifting identity with the regular inclusion of sirfox and hantamouse, and the indeterminate but hopefully temporary loss of camstone (who is becoming a daddy very soon and has been unable to attend a session since September or so). One reason I picked it was because of its self-contained nature -- it has a beginning, middle, and end, after which time hopefully the parts of the world associated with gaming will have settled down into something a little more feasible for long-term planning.

Meanwhile, large chunks of my creativity are eager to get cracking on doing more with S&S SAGA. I have one adventure pretty much ready to go, but I have in mind to put together some more support materials first -- particularly a character sheet (which is about half-done), a "character creation quicksheet," a bit of background material to hand out, and possibly some pregenerated characters. (I have a couple of neat ideas that could really play up the flexibility of the system, while still fitting into the implied background of the S&S ruleset.)

Of course, the big problem with S&S SAGA, and one that I continually run into as a GM generally, is that I've built a perfect framework for exactly the kind of campaign I want to play in -- now, who wants to run it for me? ;P

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