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'tis the Season to Paint Minis

Finally finished some minis that I've been working on for months! As the lolcats would say, let me show you them.

Miniatures painted by John Robey.
Leonard Lion and Lina Inverse battle a nazgul, while the First Doctor looks on! Er, no, waitaminute.

Let's go into a little more detail...

Arshan miniature, painted by John Robey
One of the "lion man" miniatures by Reaper, IIRC. I'll be using him as Arshan of the Desert in sirfox's furry D&D. Much fun character. :) Hope Josh runs more soon! I love the way the figure looms over others at the same scale.

Dr. Lucky, painted by John Robey
Dr. Lucky, from Kill Dr. Lucky by Paizo. This was actually a Christmas present for hantamouse's mum last year (i.e., 2006) ... and I finally finished painting it. Oops.

Mirima, painted by John Robey
Mirima, laurie_robey's fireball-tossing sorceress in my Red Hand of Doom game. The fireball in this particular instance was made from a shredded bit of cotton ball glued to the figure post-paint ... although from the cone shape it looks more like burning hands. Miniature by Reaper.

Spectre, painted by John Robey
Dedicated to invisiblewolf; miniature by Reaper. With my luck some joker's gonna come along and say "Hey, he's got no pants!"

Ruins of Middle Earth, painted by John Robey
Scenery from the "Ruins of Middle-earth" set by Citadel. Some of the ivy is strategically-placed to cover seams, other bits are just randomly placed. I was pleased with the "weathered stone" effect, some of which is lost in this photo.

Whatcha think? :)

-The Gneech
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