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The Same Old Future

Paraphrased conversation from this morning, posted here mainly 'cause I thought it was interesting.

Context: Riding to work, listening to Yaz on the Sirius radio.

laurie_robey: Wow. Back in the '80s, this would have seemed impossible. Satellite radio, the internet...

the_gneech: Back in the '80s, it was impossible, or we would have had it. The technology was still being developed.

laurie_robey: I just mean, it would have seemed too "futuristic".

the_gneech: It is the future! It's 2008 already! We just missed out on the flying cars.

laurie_robey: (laughs)

the_gneech: We're supposed to have had a colony on Mars and at least two nuclear holocausts by now.

-The Gneech
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